This thursday we will meet at 10am in front of the mumok entrance. About the exhibition:

This Thursday, 23.03.2015 we will meet at 9.50 am at the Narrenturm. Adress: Uni Campus Hof 6, Spitalgasse 2, A-1090 Wien

Das Wahrnehmen, Vorstellen und Handeln vom Menschen in konkreten historischen Situationen formt den Körper in einer je spezifischen Weise als soziale Tatsache. Sie prägen der Natur die wir sind, eine gesellschaftliche „Form“ auf und schreiben ihr einen kulturellen Text ein. Irritabilität des Körpers durch äußere Reize (Albrecht von Haller, 1752) bedeutet eigene Tätigkeit, Autonomie und […]

The exam will take place Thursday, 29th of January from 10.00 to 12.00 at room M15 – and in groups of three persons. Please don’t forget to inscribe for it online, in case you need a certificate that you visited the course this semester.

Fahim Amir is a philosopher and artist of Afghan origins, living in Vienna and currently lecturing at the Linz University of Art and Design. His research deals with transcultural, marxist, ecological and postcolonial questions of significant otherness in discourses and practices of architecture, urbanism and space.

This thursday (18th December 2014) there will be no class. Our next meeting will take place in January 15th, 2015. We wish you all happy holidays and see you in the new year! Felicitas and Roberta.


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