Architecture and the body

06-playboy-round-bed-bedroomOn Thursday October 17th Erika Artaker and Jakob Neulinger will be guests in a roundtable in our lecture. We will discuss the relationship between body and space through the connections of action and everyday life. For instance, the ones that can be seen in architecture and in the city. We will also show examples in films of body action and perception within the urban fabric and open spaces. Besides that, the concepts of heterotopia (Foucault) and pornotopia (Preciado) will be introduced. The contexts in which mechanisms of body control and technologies of sexuality take place will also be examined.

Erika Artaker. Studies in Architecture at the Technical University Vienna and Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Artaker has been actively working in the field of architecture, art, graphic, multimedia and web design with international and Austrian clients since the 1990s, with a focus on concept: design, development, management, and implementation.

Jakob Neulinger lives and works as an artist and author in Vienna. His texts were pulblished in various magazines, including Frieze, Spike, and Spex. Neulinger is also one of the founders of the art association MAGAZIN. From 2008 to 2011 Neulinger taught at the Institute of Fine Arts and Culture Sciences of the Art University in Linz. Education: Art and Photography (Matthias Herrmann / Eva Schlegel) and Stage design (Erich Wonder) at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna; Architecture at the Techinical University of Vienna.


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